Stocking Gift Ideas For Women

Here are 30 ideas for stocking stuffers for women:

  1. Miniature perfume or fragrance sampler set
  2. Lip balm or lip gloss set
  3. Nail polish in various colors
  4. Facial sheet masks
  5. Compact mirror
  6. Hair accessories like hair ties or hair clips
  7. Cleansing face wipes
  8. Scented candles or wax melts
  9. Travel-sized makeup brushes
  10. Hand cream or lotion
  11. Miniature notebook or journal
  12. Gourmet chocolates or truffles
  13. Keychain or bag charm
  14. Miniature bottle of champagne or wine
  15. A small puzzle or brain teaser
  16. Miniature wallet or card holder
  17. Exfoliating body scrub
  18. Earrings
  19. A pack of fancy tea or coffee
  20. Compact umbrella
  21. Portable phone charger
  22. Pocket-sized planner or calendar
  23. Earphones or Bluetooth headphones
  24. Bath bombs or bath salts
  25. Gift cards
  26. Coin purse or pouch
  27. Portable hand sanitizer
  28. Wine stopper or bottle opener
  29. Gummy vitamins
  30. Fancy underwear

Remember, stocking stuffers are usually small and inexpensive, so these ideas should fit the bill!

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