Displaying Holiday-Themed Artwork Around The House

When the holiday season arrives, it’s time to infuse our homes with the spirit of Christmas. Beyond the twinkling lights and festive decorations, holiday-themed artwork adds a touch of magic and warmth to any living space. Whether it’s traditional winter scenes, jolly Santas, or whimsical snowmen, displaying holiday-themed artwork around the house at Christmas time can elevate the festive ambiance and bring joy to both residents and visitors. In this article, we explore the art of incorporating holiday-themed art into your home decor and the ways it can enrich your holiday experience.

The charm of holiday-themed artwork

Holiday-themed artwork carries the essence of the season’s enchantment. Each piece, whether a painting, print, or even a festive photograph, has the power to evoke emotions and spark cherished memories associated with Christmas. By placing these artistic representations strategically around the house, you can create an immersive and heartwarming holiday environment that will be treasured for years to come.

The versatility of mediums

Holiday-themed artwork comes in a wide array of mediums, providing endless options for displaying them creatively. Consider the following mediums to add a festive touch to your home:

Paintings and Prints: Classic paintings depicting winter wonderlands, snowy landscapes, and merry holiday scenes are perfect for adding elegance and warmth to your living room or dining area. Alternatively, opt for holiday-themed prints to brighten up any space.

Wall Decals and Stickers: For a temporary and versatile option, holiday-themed wall decals and stickers can be used to adorn walls, windows, and even furniture. They are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for those who like to change their decor annually.

Handmade Artwork: Encourage creativity in your family by crafting your own holiday-themed artwork. Children’s drawings, DIY paintings, or holiday crafts can be proudly displayed on walls or placed on shelves, adding a personal touch to your decor.

Digital Art and Screensavers: In the digital age, consider incorporating holiday-themed digital art on electronic screens throughout your home. Electronic photo frames, digital wallpapers, or screensavers can bring dynamic and interactive festive visuals.

Choosing the right art pieces

Selecting the right holiday-themed artwork depends on your personal taste, the existing decor, and the atmosphere you wish to create. To make the process enjoyable and meaningful, consider the following tips:

Harmonize with Existing Decor: Opt for artwork that complements your existing interior decor. Choose colors and themes that blend seamlessly with your furniture and overall style.

Create a Focal Point: Use a standout piece of holiday-themed artwork as a focal point in your living room or entryway. This draws attention and instantly sets the tone for the festive season.

Mix and Match: Combine different types of holiday-themed artwork to create an eclectic and visually stimulating display. Mix vintage prints with modern paintings or layer framed photographs with art prints.

Displaying holiday-themed artwork

To make the most of your holiday-themed artwork, strategically display it throughout your home:

Living Room: Showcase a festive gallery wall featuring a mix of holiday-themed artwork and family photos. Hang stockings or garlands nearby to create a cohesive holiday display.

Dining Area: Enhance your dining experience by displaying holiday-themed artwork on a sideboard or buffet. Consider a centerpiece with a festive painting or a framed print.

Hallways and Entryways: Transform your hallways and entryways into festive avenues by hanging seasonal artwork along the walls. This sets the mood and welcomes guests with holiday cheer.

Bedrooms: Extend the holiday spirit into bedrooms by incorporating smaller holiday-themed art pieces on nightstands or dressers. It adds a touch of charm and comfort to personal spaces.

Rotate artwork seasonally

To keep your holiday decor fresh and exciting, consider rotating your holiday-themed artwork seasonally. You can swap out certain pieces with new ones each year or rearrange the existing artwork to create a different look and feel.


Displaying holiday-themed artwork around the house at Christmas time is a delightful way to celebrate the magic of the season. From traditional paintings to homemade crafts, the artwork you choose can evoke joy, nostalgia, and the spirit of togetherness. By thoughtfully incorporating holiday-themed art into your home decor, you can create an enchanting and heartwarming atmosphere that will make your holiday celebrations truly memorable for everyone involved.

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