Creative Christmas Party Ideas

Nothings more fun than hosting the family and friends holiday party. It’s even better when the guest keep talking about it years to come. Here’s a few ideas to help make that happen.

The front yard

The first thing your guest will see driving up is the front yard. Hopefully, you’ve already decorated the front yard with some lights and yard decorations. If not, this is a must. Get those lights out and add some festive decor. I like big giant ornaments, light up snowmen and deer. Choose what you like and make it welcoming.

I always have a wreath on the front door along with lighted garland.


No one wants to show up to a party and be bored. Create fun ways to welcome your guest and get the conversation rolling. When first entering my house I have a photo prompt laid out where friends can take their photos before entering the main gathering area. This can be as simple as a large Christmas picture or a life-size cardboard Santa. Kids love it!

The color theme

Keep the fun coming when entering your main gathering area. Make sure everything is decorated with a color theme. For instance, lets say ours in red and gold. Have those colors throughout the hosting areas with candles, bows, table cloths, and decorate the Christmas tree in those colors as well.

Have some fun Christmas music playing in the background.


Have a separate drink station set up away from the food. This allows for more traffic flow. If you don’t have someone mixing drinks for your guest all night long I would recommend making one or two different cocktails in batches and store in the refrigerator without ice until serving. If kids are coming make sure you have something for them as well and some mocktails for the drivers. Or you can do a large party punch with or without the booze.

The food

I have a few starters out for guest to snack on right away. Two or three are plenty. Both kid and adult friendly. Like, pigs in a blanket, bacon wrapped shrimp, and deviled eggs.

OK, this is Christmas. We need to make it special and a nice meal is in place. Most people seem to prefer ham over turkey but there are no rules here. Make what you like. I do usually do a ham, it’s easy and feeds a lot. Plus it gives me time to work on the sides while it bakes. I like mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and a salad.

Click here for a dinner menu

The party

After the meal has been eaten head over to your main sitting area and have some games out or fun things to do to keep the party going. Again, if kids are present have a separate play area for them with kid friendly activies and games out or do them all together.

If you’re opening gifts at all, have the person opening wear oven mitts, and keep the camera handy. It’s hilarious.

Play Christmas Bingo

Snowman bowling – For a few weeks before the big day, save a stack of uniform-sized containers like tissue boxes or shipping packaging. Then, paint them white and attach a paper hat and nose, painted-on eyes and a mouth, pom-pom buttons and some sticks for arms. Grab a ball and you’re ready to bowl! Not only is it an adorable and easy activity, it also helps re-purpose some cardboard.

Guess the Christmas smell – Put a few classic Christmas scents like peppermint, nutmeg and pine needles into separate jars with tight lids. Blindfold your guests and ask them to guess the smell. No peeking!

What’s in Santa’s hat? Place an object into the hat and ask players to guess what it is by feel only.

White elephant – This gift-giving activity goes by several names, but it’s a blast no matter what you call it. Everyone places their wrapped gifts in a pile, then draws numbers to decide who picks first. Number one grabs a present from the pile, then each subsequent player can either “steal” a gift from someone else, or take one that hasn’t been chosen. You can either unwrap gifts as you go, or all together at the end to keep ’em guessing.

Bean bag toss

Guess how many – fill a jar full of small jingle bells or candy of choice, and have your guess write down how many they think are in the jar. The closest to the correct answer wins.

Have a couple of small prizes available for the winners.

Just have fun.

What’s your favorite party idea?

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