Candy Cane Lane in Seattle, WA

Nestled within the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, there exists a timeless holiday treasure that has been captivating hearts for nearly seven decades – Candy Cane Lane. This enchanting Christmas spectacle has become an integral part of the local community and a cherished tradition for both residents and visitors alike.


Dating back over 70 years, Candy Cane Lane was first conceived in the early 1950s when a group of friends in the neighborhood decided to brighten up the holiday season by decorating their homes with twinkling lights and festive ornaments. What began as a small and spontaneous endeavor quickly gained popularity, drawing more and more residents into the spirit of the festivities. As the years passed, the tradition flourished, and Candy Cane Lane evolved into a grand display of lights and holiday cheer.

Candy Cane Lane

Today, Candy Cane Lane (Park Road NE and NE Ravenna Blvd.) continues to captivate the imaginations of all who visit. Each year, starting early December through Jan.1, the residents of Ravenna come together to transform their charming brick houses into a magical wonderland. The tradition has been passed down through generations, and it remains a testament to the strong sense of community and the spirit of giving that characterizes the neighborhood.

As visitors stroll along the circular street of 23 houses all covered in lights, colors, and decorations that evoke a childlike wonder and delight.

Local favorite

It’s an old local favorite, and, as shown by the lines of cars waiting to enter, every year, people travel to see it. The display starts at the corner of Park Lane and Ravenna Boulevard in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood. Cars drive one way and pedestrians are urged to also walk through Candy Cane Lane in one direction, entering from the same place as the cars.

Now with pedestrian only nights where the streets will be blocked off and there will be special entertainment.

Candy Cane Lane has also made a significant impact on tourism in the Ravenna neighborhood and Seattle as a whole. Visitors come from all corners of the city and beyond, eagerly setting aside time to experience this luminous holiday gem.

Beyond the joy it brings to visitors and the economic benefits to the community, Candy Cane Lane remains an emblem of unity and togetherness. The shared efforts of the residents to create this dazzling spectacle strengthen the bonds between neighbors and reaffirm the spirit of camaraderie that defines the Ravenna neighborhood.


Candy Cane Lane in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, is much more than just a stunning display of holiday lights. It represents the enduring magic of Christmas, the spirit of giving, and the power of a close-knit community coming together to create something truly extraordinary. As it enters its eighth decade, Candy Cane Lane will undoubtedly continue to enchant and inspire all who have the pleasure of experiencing its timeless charm.

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