Bartesian Cocktail Maker Review

Premium Cocktail Maker Review

Name: Lena



Overall Rank: 10

How the Bartesian works

Fill the Bartesian cocktail maker with any: Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Gin or Rum.

Insert cocktail capsule, which contains the perfect balance of juices, bitters, and extracts for your cocktail.

Cocktail capsule is read via barcode and the machine suggests the proper glassware.

Customize your desired strength ranging from mocktail to strong, then press ‘Mix’!

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Highly Recommend

I would recommend this product for anyone who likes fresh cocktails. The ease of use of this product is outstanding. Simply load your cocktail capsule of choice and push a button. The machine does all the mixing and knows which alcohol bottle to choose from by reading the via barcode on the capsule.

It has a large variety of capsules to choose from and new ones come out all the time. They also offer holiday theme cocktails during the season and they taste great.

I love mine.

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