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Throughout the holiday season, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas day. However, with all of the holiday hustle and bustle and everything there is to accomplish, sometimes the big day seems to arrive too soon. Did you ever wish there was a Christmas handbook to guide you through all there is to do with some helpful tips and guidelines along the way?

This site strives to do just that and contains a wealth of Christmas information in keeping with the spirit of the season. Here you will find gift ides from choosing a truly unique present to designing the perfect holiday gift basket. Also, for those holiday hosts and hostesses, information on different types and options for Christmas cookies, candies and dinnerware may provide some tips on entertaining while still managing to enjoy yourself. If trying to keep your children entertained or teach them more about the meaning behind Christmas, there are some suggestions for Christmas games and how to get the children involved with the Christmas cards, decorations and even holiday food preparations.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of some of the holiday traditions we still practice today? For example, did you know that the Christmas stocking originated in 16th century Holland while the Christmas tree dates back to the 7th century? How about that the candy cane did not become red and white striped like we know it until the late 19th century and until then was all white in color and at one point completely straight? Exploring the fascinating history and legends behind some of our most cherished Christmas traditions can give you a whole new appreciation and reverence for these time honored rituals.

Christmas time should be a joyous and festive and time spent reacquainting with those loved ones and family members we may not be able to see much throughout the year. So turn even those daunting holiday tasks into fun and festive occasions and don’t forget to stop, breathe and enjoy the season because it will be over before you know it.

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